You’ve Got Turkey Legs

It was another beautiful weekend to spend outside!

With temps in the 70s, we wandered downtown on Saturday to Riverfest, an annual street fair held in Wilmington by the Cape Fear River. Our #1 reason for attending: turkey legs.

Ryan and our friend, Shirin, had their hearts set on them. Dream come true!

We walked around for a while and got our fill of local vendors, fair food and people watching. Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner at one of our favorites, Sweet & Savory, and caught up on The Office and Parks & Rec from last week on Netflix.

It was a little more overcast and windy on Sunday, but still felt great to enjoy some time outdoors. After a quick lunch, we headed out to a community park about 15 minutes away in Castle Hayne to play frisbee and try this guy out:


The slackline. Why on earth would you want to put all your body weight on a two inch wide piece of fabric, you may ask? It takes your balance to the extreme! Our friends Dan and Charlie (who you may remember tried out the hydrofoil a few weeks ago), have been practicing the slackline for a couple weeks now. They certainly put Ryan and me to shame. But, we did attempt it so that counts for something, right?! Don’t mind that I had Ryan hold my hand the whole time. Winking smile


We also made time for our weekend movie date to see 50/50, a story about a guy in his twenties who is diagnosed with cancer. As the title suggests, his chances of survival are 50/50. Though it was a tear jerker, it was really good. I’m a fan of both Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen and they were perfect together.

I also experienced my first Beer Church at Cape Fear Wine & Beer in downtown Wilmington. Though we frequent this spot and the boys have been before, I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying Beer Church on Sundays. It’s really nothing more than having a beer on a Sunday… except you get a free glass to go along with it! We’re now proud owners of two new pint glasses. Winking smile

We also met a new friend, Gus the Saint Bernard, while we were sitting outside. Holy macaroni! Weighing in at a solid 170 pounds, he made Stedman look like a Yorkie. Sheesh!



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Family Fun

While Ryan was away on vacation this past weekend, my dad, his girlfriend Pam, and her son Ben came to Wilmington for a quick weekend visit. It’s so nice to have a little piece of home every now and then. Even though they were only here for a short period of time, we made the best of it… Starting with some good eats!

We went to dinner Saturday night at The Copper Penny, a restaurant and grille in downtown Wilmington. The restaurant is decked out in Philadelphia garb, with Eagles and Phillies banners and pendants lining the walls. This was a perfect place to take my dad, as he was born and raised in Philadelphia. And to top it all off, the Phillies game was on at the bar. Clearly this is this spot in town for Phillies fans to come watch the game! The place was packed, the fans were getting into the game and the wings were AWESOME, per usual.

After dinner, we walked around downtown and caught the end of one of the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve ever seen down by the Cape Fear River.


That picture doesn’t do it justice. The silhouette of the USS North Carolina (or just the “Battleship” as we call it) was gorgeous in the background.

On Sunday morning, I took my guests to a brunch favorite of ours, Press 102. They have phenomenal french toast (with sliced bananas, chocolate swirls and powdered sugar Smile) and they surely did not disappoint! Afterwards, we walked around downtown a bit more to work off our brunch.



As much as I love summer, the fall-like temps have been feeling amazing this week, so it was nice to just be outside exploring.


We also took the pups for a walk to the local park when we got back to the house. And of course, Shelby got some more quality time with Grandpa! Winking smile



Such a good weekend! Hopefully the next will be just as lovely! Smile

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Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice

It’s hard to believe, but Friday marked the first day of Fall. Though summer is definitely my favorite season, the one thing I look forward to in Fall is pumpkin-everything. To kick the season off right, I used this recipe to make my first ever pumpkin spice cookies. A two ingredient recipe? Sign me up!


I did a “test batch” Wednesday night and then made another Thursday evening to take to work on Friday for the first official day of Fall. (Don’t worry… I was sure to taste-test the batter from each batch… A tummy ache may have resulted both times.) They turned out to be the consistency of cake, but in the form of cookies which means you can have more of them! From the looks of an empty plate, I think they were enjoyed by all. Winking smile

Note: I used a can of 100% pumpkin that the recipe calls for in the first batch, but accidentally bought pumpkin mix for the second. Either way, they’re delicious!

After a pretty rainy week, the weekend followed suit. It was overcast yesterday and has been raining for the better part of today. Needless to say, I haven’t accomplished anything I had planned to do this weekend. But, that’s what the work week is for, right?!

Ryan and I did manage to make it to our weekend movie date yesterday to see Drive. Besides Ryan Gosling being as good-looking as usual, the movie was not at all what I was expecting. [SPOILER ALERT!] Yes, he played a stunt car driver and a lot of action ensued, but I was definitely not expecting all the blood and guts. Eeek! It was one of those movies that left you feeling strange afterwards, if that makes sense… We went to Target after the movie to pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses for me (since I lost mine on the boat a few weeks back), and I thought everyone was out to get us. Ha, good thing the action stayed in the movie!

Today, we’re snuggled up on the couch nursing a sick puppy with an upset tummy (we’ve tried rice and mashed potatoes to settle her stomach with no luck yet Sad smile)…


and watching a little A LOT of Mad Men. Since starting to watch it a few weeks back on Netflix Instant, we’ve officially become addicted to this show. I can’t believe we’re just now getting into it!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Smile

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Pooch Plunge!

Our Saturday started off with a splash, literally, as we took the pups to the Pooch Plunge at Legion Stadium here in Wilmington. Every year after Labor Day, the city opens up the pool to pups before they have to clean and drain it for the year. They ask for a $5 donation per dog, which then goes towards the Wilmington Dog Park Committee.



We met up with some friends who brought their Husky mix, Cortana, along to play. There were TONS of dogs everywhere, but ours wanted no part of the water. Instead, they ran around like crazy women and made friends left and right. Needless to say, they slept for the better part of Saturday afternoon! Stedman did, unfortunately, tear a couple of her paw pads and has since been taking it easy around the house. I think this may actually be the calmest I’ve ever seen her. But, they’ll heal in no time with all the licking she’s doing. Winking smile



Later in the day, we went to check out a new nearby park by for what they were calling a "Family Fun Day." Since we showed up at 6pm, we missed all the FUN that had ensued… People were walking out as we were driving up. Bust! However, we did manage to make our own fun by spending a good 45 minutes exploring on our own and playing frisbee.

On Sunday, Ryan and I had plans to go see a movie but as we were killing time beforehand, Ryan got a call from a friend of ours who invited us to go out boating. Um, yes please! We immediately returned the movie tickets and high-tailed it home to change into our bathing suits. Ryan and I then met up with the group and headed out to the river.


What a treat! My, am I glad we skipped the movie. For the first time in person, we got to see a hydrofoil in action. Have you guys ever seen this? It’s probably one of the most awesomest (yes, that’s a word) things I’ve ever seen.

One of the guys we met up with, Travis, has been riding for about 5 years and makes it look like cake. His friend, Richard (who happens to be 57 years old!), also put on a show by doing back flips all over the water.

Our friends Dan and Charlie then decided to give it a go. For newbies, they did a REALLY good job! Check out these videos:

I think I might wait a while before trying it out for myself. Winking smile

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Labor Day Relaxin’

Is it just me or do 3 day weekends seem soooo much longer than the typical 2 day weekends? I vote for every weekend to be 3 days. We’ll see how well that goes over with the boss man…

Our Labor Day weekend started off with a visit from Chelsea! She came into town Friday evening so we all headed downtown for a few drinks at Cape Fear Wine & Beer (AKA the boys’ favorite downtown bar and our typical weekend hangout spot). Then we got to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach on Saturday. The water has cooled down a bit, but it was gorgeous. The water closest to the beach was an aqua blue color and reminded me of how lovely a tropical vaca would be sometime in the near future. Winking smile

We also spotted this guy… A parasailer with an attached motor and no boat? Has anyone ever seen one of these before? It looked like a ton of fun but I’d be nervous to try it!

It was great to catch up with Chelsea. From the sound of it, nursing school is keeping her one busy little bee!

On Sunday, Shelby and I headed up to Raleigh to visit Sage, Ryan’s sister-in-law. Ryan’s brother Justin (who happens to be Sage’s husband) came down to Wilmington to keep Ryan company while Shel and I were gone.


When Sage offered me a guest pass to Skin Sense Spa in Raleigh a couple weeks ago, I immediately said YES! Since the guest pass can only be used Monday through Friday, I lucked out by having Labor Day off work and getting to share a spa day with Sage instead. In addition to enjoying the spa’s sauna, I got a Vitamin C facial while Sage got a hot stone massage. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave that place… So relaxing!

And now it’s already Wednesday! Long weekends make for short work weeks, which are A-OK in my book! Smile

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Come on, Irene!

And that, she did. My work closed around 1pm Friday afternoon due to Hurricane Irene making her way up the east coast. We lost power at the house for about an hour Friday evening and then again in the wee hours Saturday morning. This guy was to blame for our power outage…

The tree above fell across the road just a couple houses down from ours. Eeek! We were fortunate, though, to have our power back by noon on Saturday. And surprisingly, these two handled their first hurricane pretty well.

                                                                                                   IMG_2196 IMG_2197

Hurricane = Extra sleepy time!

Since we had to toss a lot of what we had in the fridge due to loss of power (spoiled milk… pee-yew!), we grabbed lunch at Wendy’s and then re-stocked our shelves with a quick grocery trip on Sunday.

My, what a difference a day can make! Sunday was absolutely gorgeous so Shelby and I spent a little bit at the park playing frisbee and then Ryan and I went on our weekly movie date to see The Help. I just finished the book last weekend and was super excited to see the movie (Ryan was even a little excited to see it too Winking smile) , and it did not disappoint.


The book was definitely one of the best I’ve ever read and the movie, although they had to cut some things, was really well done. I thought I’d be able to hold back my tears, but alas they came with a fury. If you haven’t read the book and/or seen the movie, do yourself a favor!

What’s the best movie you’ve seen and/or book you’ve read lately?

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Take a Hike

Waking up to a sunny sky yesterday, Shelby and I decided to spend our Sunday morning walking the trails at Carolina Beach State Park. It was our first trip to this park and Shelby’s first time hiking. I think I know her new favorite outdoor activity (besides frisbee, of course)!


Since we’d never been there before and I’m not especially direction-inclined, I made sure to ask one of the park employees that the trails did, indeed, loop back to the starting point. He reassured me that the trails were well marked, so we were on our way!


We hiked around on partly sandy, partly wooded paths going in whichever direction we pleased (i.e. I followed Shelby wherever her little feet took her). After being out for a good while and not seeing any of the same trails twice, it wasn’t looking like the paths “looped back around.” So, we did the only logical thing we could… We pulled the ol’ Forrest Gump move and turned back around.


Once we finally caught sight of more people, Shelby decided she trusted their directional skills more than mine so we followed them back to the beginning. Winking smile

When we returned home, I joined Ryan and a couple of friends to try out the new Nick’s Diner in downtown Wilmington. Though the food was pretty good and there was a lot on the menu to choose from, the artwork and décor in the restaurant really stole the show. “Eclectic” is how I described it to Ryan… Pop art to cartoon drawings to exposed brick to our Fred Flintstone-covered tabletop. Yeah, it was a lot to take in. Definitely a fun experience!

For our weekend movie, we decided to see 30 Minutes or Less. After getting hooked on Parks & Rec last year, I’ve since been a huge fan of Aziz Ansari. However, I can only picture Jesse Eisenberg in his role in The Social Network. Overall, it was pretty funny and we laughed a ton!


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