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It’s time for something new! After learning the art of blogging when I started my current job a little over a year ago, I was turned on to the power that blogs have and the creative freedom they can offer. And because I’m always the one in the group taking pictures, what better way to document life than by creating my own blog?

A little bit about us…

Ryan and I are in our mid-twenties and both work full-time. He, as the Director of Education for a residential treatment facility for teens, and myself as part of a marketing team for an e-commerce website. We live about 15 minutes from the coast in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and we’re loving every minute of it, especially now that it’s summertime!


At Wrightsville Beach

As you see by the title of the blog, our dogs are our life. Their furry faces and wagging tails keep us both constantly entertained and always happy.

I rescued Shelby in December of 2008 from the Guilford County Animal Shelter and we’ve been best buds ever since.



She’s a German Shepherd mix, weighs about 45 pounds and is an avid frisbee star. I call her “my Christmas puppy” because my dad got her for me as my Christmas present that year. After a few times of going back to the shelter and seeing all the sad faces that needed a home, I knew she was the one I was supposed to have the instant I saw her. As all the other pups were barking at the front of their kennel, Shelby on the other hand, was curled up in a ball in the back corner of hers. Though she looked petrified to be in there, she came to me immediately when I knelt down to say hello. A tear came to my eye right away and the rest is history.

Christmas Shelby

Please take this hat off of me!!

Ryan rescued Stedman in July of 2009 through the Humane Society right outside of Wilmington. She (yes that’s right, SHE) is about 80 pounds of pure lovin’. She’s a Boxer/Great Dane mix and is the biggest cuddle bug you’ll ever meet. Though she might look intimidating, the worst thing Sted could do is lick you to death.


Stedman the Barbarian

She was a scrawny, dirty pup when Ryan first got her and my, how she’s changed! Sted loves constant attention and affection as well as entertaining herself for hours on end by running laps around the back yard. She’s also our official taste tester in the kitchen.


What is this "personal space" you speak of?

When I moved in with Ryan in April of 2010, Shelby and Stedman also became roomies. Though Sted is a little too in-your-face for Shelby at times, they’re super happy to have each other as playmates and I couldn’t imagine one without the other.


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