Let the Memories Begin!

I think we’ve finally gotten back into the groove after our fun-filled, jam-packed, 5-day vacation in Orlando last week. Ryan and I had an amazing time, running around like little kids with huge smiles on our faces as we jumped from ride to ride at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.


We first went together as a couple in January of 2010 and this was our third trip back. Ryan has been numerous times and when he first took me, it instantly became one of my favorite places.




The Harry Potter attractions at Islands of Adventure are absolutely breathtaking. I’m not a huge HP fan, but the rides and "Harry Potter World" were so well done. There was something different to look at every time we walked through. Definitely a must-do if you’re a theme park connoisseur!




We also made a day out of the Magic Kingdom on the Sunday of our trip. Neither of us had been in years, and it was so very different to be able to go as an adult. The detail of the park truly is magical and we enjoyed the rides and attractions just as much as, but probably even more than, we did as children. There were a ton of children (and strollers!), which got us to thinking about a good age to bring kids to Disney World.



I first went when I was seven or eight and still carry those memories with me. I think kids should be in the 5-8 age range at the earliest. Otherwise, they’re not going to remember the trip, right?





After spending our days at the park from open til close and then spending St. Patty’s Day at Universal’s CityWalk after a day of roller coaster riding, we felt like we needed a vacation to recuperate from our vacation. But, let’s face it… Our jobs aren’t going to work themselves!

Oh, and for the big news… WE’RE ENGAGED!



Ryan proposed the first morning at Universal Studios, on an indoor roller coaster, no less. I wouldn’t expect anything less from that boy of mine. Smile


We couldn’t be happier and now I’m excited to get the wedding planning in full swing! We’re heading to Greensboro this weekend and are hoping to check out a few venues while we’re there. Wish us luck!


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How To: Earring Holder

Ryan and I traveled west over the weekend to visit family and friends. On my way to Greensboro, I dropped him and Stedman off in Raleigh to hang out with his brother for a few days, while Shelby and I continued on for another hour to my dad’s house.


My best friend Donna was in town from Maryland for the holiday weekend, so we got to spend some QT together. I mean, any excuse to see "The Vow," right? Don’t worry, I held it together and only got teary-eyed a couple times. Winking smile


We lucked out with a pretty day on Saturday, most of which was spent outdoors.



Despite a rainy Sunday, which made for a nasty drive back to Wilmington, it was a great weekend!


On to some arts and crafts talk…

I was skimming Etsy yesterday for an earring holder because my earrings had pretty much thrown up in my jewelry area. But while I was looking around, I figured I could just as easily make one myself.

So, to TJMaxx I went! I got this frame for about $12 along with a small piece of burlap from A.C. Moore for a couple bucks.


I took the backing off the frame, cut the burlap to fit accordingly and then put the glass back in place (behind the burlap). I tried to put the backing on the frame, but it was too smushed and I was planning on hanging the whole thing anyhow.


And now I have this little number:


I’m not as happy with it as I’d like to be, but it’s not bad for a quick little arts & crafts project, eh? I’m thinking I’ll need a hot glue gun to keep the burlap taut since my heavier earrings are weighing it down.

And in other news…

I ordered Shelby a Thundershirt yesterday. As a rescue pup, she’s always been a pretty anxious pup, but her travel anxiety is really kind of awful. She stands up during the whole car ride, shaking and panting with her tail between her legs. That makes for a loooong 3-hour drive to and from Greensboro.


I feel terrible because there’s nothing I can do for her since, you know, I’m trying to keep the car within the lines. I’ve read a lot of good reviews and some meh-it-didn’t-really-work-for-my-dog reviews, so we’ll see how well she does with it. Anyone had any success with this?

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Super Bowl…ing?

In addition to the Super Bowl yesterday, we enjoyed some good ol’ fashioned bowling Saturday night. It had been way too long since we went bowling. And, not to toot my own horn, but I managed to come in second place during both full games we played. Beep beep!




Ryan stepped up his game with two strikes in a row during the final game we started, but our allotted time we had purchased ran out before he was able to steal the show. I foresee a rematch in our near future.

We had a few friends over for the Super Bowl last night and enjoyed some delicious football food. We tried out this buffalo chicken dip recipe and let me tell you, it. was. delicious. We made it with crock pot chicken instead of canned chicken and substituted blue cheese dressing for ranch. And the best part? A LOT of leftovers!

Besides this dip, we had also served fruit and veggies, chips and dip, roll-ups with spinach/feta and bacon/cheddar, and Mexican dip. Needless to say, we’ll definitely be hitting the gym hard this week!

Oh, and I got to meet this little guy, Ryan’s co-worker’s baby. 

                                                                                                    IMG_2671 IMG_2672

Flippin’ adorable, right?


I think I’ve found my new love. Ryan better watch out. Winking smile

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Happy 2012!

This holiday season has been a whirlwind of family, friends, fun and excitement but, as always, it absolutely flew by! We were lucky to travel home to Greensboro over Christmas to spend time with our families and enjoy our time off from work.

Here’s a recap in pictures:









Picture 005

Picture 034


Here’s hoping you all had a great holiday and best wishes for 2012! Open-mouthed smile

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Busy Little Turkey

Whew, these past couple weeks have flown by! My 25th birthday came and went (holy moly, I’m 25?!) and then we celebrated Turkey Day with quite the feast!

To celebrate my birthday, Ryan and I painted pottery at a local store. I painted a little hippo while Ryan, of course, chose a dinosaur. After painting the pottery, the employees then glaze and fire them. They’re ready for pick-up this week so I’m excited to see how they turned out!



We also took the pups to the beach…



and went to a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant called Indochine for my birthday dinner. NOM!


Speaking of NOM, we made our second annual turducken (turkey-duck-chicken for those of you out of the loop Winking smile) for Thanksgiving!



It was definitely a team effort! And it was also nice to spend time with Ryan’s family and our friends! Ryan’s mom rented a beach house in Topsail Island (about 40 minutes from us) to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer spot… right on the beach!


Hope everyone had a delicious and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! Now it’s time to strap on the boots and brave the crowds for some serious Christmas shopping. Is it really less than a month away?!

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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone’s had a great Halloween! We carved pumpkins last weekend…




And spent this weekend with Justin and Sage in Raleigh. We went to a Halloween party on Saturday and had a blast!

With Ryan’s man love for Batman, of course we had to dress up as Batman and Robin…


Ryan definitely played the part well… Can’t you tell?!

And then there were Uma Thurman and John Travolta from Pulp Fiction


As well as a French maid and 80’s zombie


Definitely a fun night! After a brunch in Raleigh on Sunday, we headed back to recoup from the weekend but made some time for beer church last night. Another free pint glass for the collection!

Back to the grind this week. Have a good one! Winking smile

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Birthdays, Birthdays!

This past weekend was full of birthday celebrations! We kicked off Friday night for Chelsea’s birthday with a little get-together at our friend Shirin’s house. Among pumpkin spice cookies, cupcakes and Mexican dip, we also took it back to the college days with some spiked orange Fanta punch. We like to keep it classy. Winking smile We then headed to Cape Fear Wine & Beer, our typical go-to spot on the weekends.


Since she moved away a couple months ago, this is just the second time Chelsea’s been back to Wilmington so it was nice to be able to celebrate her 25th with the group!


Ryan and I called it a night around 11:45 (we’re so old Sad smile) and headed home in order to hit the road early for Raleigh. Ryan’s sister-in-law, Sage, turns 27 this coming weekend so we celebrated a week early at the FSU/Duke game in Durham! Because Sage and Justin (Ryan’s brother) both graduated from FSU, they’re huge Noles fans and it was nice to be able to attend a game nearby.


Usually, I’d be pulling for Duke but since we sat on the third row of the 50 yard line behind the FSU bench, I figured I ought to look the part too. After a couple hours of tailgating, we walked through the beautiful Duke campus to watch FSU pummel Duke. Good thing we were wearing FSU gear, right?!


We then rounded out our trip in Raleigh with The Lion King 3D on Sunday afternoon. Though we thought it was only supposed to show in 3D in theaters for a couple weeks, we must have lucked out and hit the jackpot by catching it in its third week back in theaters. Just as good as I remember seeing as a kid! Oh, Simba (AKA Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Smile


3 days down, 2 more work days to go! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Side Note: We just finished Season 4 of Mad Men on Netflix tonight. Please tell me someone else thought that ending was totally strange and unexpected!

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